Regulation: the OMAA Quality Framework

The Orientation and Mobility Association Australasia Inc. (A0039419Z) is incorporated under Consumer Affairs Victoria and managed by an Executive committee which meets monthly, supported by four subcommittees:

  • Professional Standards Committee
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Membership Engagement Committee

The Professional Standards Committee establishes and maintains the OMAA Quality Framework on behalf of the OMAA Executive. This framework guides and regulates the OMAA, documenting standards for O&M qualifications, certification and registration; ethical professional practice; professional development; and managing feedback and complaints.

The OMAA works diligently to provide accessible information in all documentation. If you find information on our website that you are unable to access, please contact the OMAA via and we will assist you.

The Quality Framework includes the following documents:


Strategic Plan 2022-2024

Code of Ethics

Scope of Practice

COMS Handbook for international certification of O&M Specialists

Registration Program

Professional Development – COMS points

Standards of Exemplary Practice

Complaints Policy

Complaints Form

Proposal to OMAA