CPD Opportunities

Please read below for various upcoming CPD opportunities.



Please head to our Conferences page for a list of upcoming national and international conferences.


CPD earning ACVREP recertification credits

  • VISCON 2021: 19-20 August 2021, RIDBC Renwick Centre, Sydney NSW. This two day event is always a great opportunity to come together to learn, network and engage with the field!
  • HumanWare Live Webinar Series: interesting back-to-school topics that focus on the use of braille devices or smart magnification tools. Their sessions are free of charge and allow you to earn one-hour of continuing education credit for each session. A range of upcoming webinar dates throughout September and October 2020 are available, as well as access to recordings of previous webinars.
  • AER eLearning: a range of topics available, with discounts offered to AER members (Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired) with upcoming dates throughout February 2021.
  • Perkins School for the Blind eLearning: a large range of courses available, with some spanning several weeks and others a self-paced style of one hour.
  • Perkins eLearning professional development opportunities



Here are some other O&M/vision specific online professional development opportunities:

  • RIDBC Renwick Centre face-to-face short courses: These sessions offer the research and practical skills as well as networking opportunities.
  • RIDBC Renwick Centre webinars: These are convenient, accessible and can be accessed at anytime. These sessions are presented by RIDBC staff and external experts in the field.
  • Perkins eLearning free webinars
  • The Renwick Centre Podcast: The Renwick Centre Podcast is a regular series that discusses hearing and vision education and health- everything from new resources, emerging ideas and hot-button issues!
  • A Step Forward Podcast: a podcast for Orientation & Mobility specialists.
  • RO&Ming with Lil: provides a forum for people to learn more about functional vision, and orientation and mobility practice, from an Australian perspective. It offers professional development for O&M specialists and guide dog mobility instructors worldwide.
  • Challenge Solutions: a podcast made by a group of blind students for other blind students and teachers of the visually impaired. Their mission is to provide audio lessons on various forms of assistive technology and create a conversation about the challenges faced by blind students and their teachers.
  • Be My Eyes Podcast: interviews with the world’s most interesting, passionate people from the blind and low vision community – about living blind in a sighted world.
  • Sydney Eye Podcast: this podcast explores topics related to eye health and answers common questions about eye conditions from Sydney, Australia.

There is also a range of Australian focused disability related learning opportunities. These are not vision specific, but may have relevance to your professional practice.

  • NDS Training and Development; range of topics, prices, durations and delivery methods. Many free online options available. Provided by NDS (National Disability Services).
  • Team DSC Training; range of topics, prices, durations and delivery methods. Provided by Disability Services Consulting.