ACVREP is launching the COMS beta exam to update the COMS certification.  This is a critical aspect of maintaining the integrity of the COMS certification.  This is your opportunity to make a huge contribution to your chosen field.

Taking the beta exam is free. The beta exam will be offered from May 15 – July 30. 

The pass fail results will not be known until the end of August or the beginning of September.

The exam will have 244 questions and you will have up to 6 hours to complete the exam.  We allow extra time for each question so that, if you wish, you can note comments on a question and then at the end on the overall exam.  If you do not write comments and are confident in your answers you may be able to complete in about 4 hours. 

After 3 hours you will be allowed a 30 minute break to have a snack or use the restroom, but you will not have access to your other belongings.  The 30 minute break is built into the 6 hours.

You will take the exam at a Kryterion testing center. Again, there will be no charge to take the beta.  If you pass the beta exam and wish to use it to recertify you will pay your recertification fee plus $245 for the beta exam and that will complete all requirements for recertification.  No other points will be needed.

Additionally, this year for the first time we will grant recertification points in Category 4 at 1 point per hour for the time you spend taking the exam.  That will be 6 points for the regular exam and 9 points for anyone taking an accommodated exam.

If you need an accommodated exam, you will be allowed up to 9 hours and allowed two 30 minute breaks.  It is exciting to note that the JAWS customary navigation keys are now fully functional with the JAWS exam.  A detailed list of all of the navigation keys that can be used will be provided to you if you select a JAWS exam.

If you are interested in taking the beta exam please respond to this email and indicate whether or not you need an accommodated exam.  If you do not need accommodations, once I receive your email, Certificate Services Specialist, Sylvia Hurtado will reply with a voucher code that you will use after you log into your Webassessor online account to purchase the beta exam.  If you need an accommodated exam your email will be forwarded to Sylvia Hurtado, who will work with you to schedule.

The outcome of this beta exam will govern the certification for the next five years.  You have the opportunity by taking the beta to have this lasting impact on your chosen profession.


Kathie Zeider