Professional Development Opportunities

Message from the Professional Development Committee (PDC)

Congratulations to all of you who are now certified and welcome to the COMS and ROMSA community!

Once you are certified you have five years to collect your COMS credits for recertification with ACVREP. You must accrue 100 points of evidence of continuing professional development (education) in order to renew your certification at the end of a five-year cycle.

CPD (CE) points can be accrued from four categories of activity, with the first category being compulsory:

  1. Professional Education: minimum 25 points, maximum 100 points
  2. Professional Experience: maximum 50 points
  3. Publications and Presentations: maximum 50 points
  4. Professional Service: maximum 50 points

We would like you to know that OMAA now hold an ACVREP account, allowing us to approve online courses as CPD events.

The OMAA Professional Development Committee has already approved three events as CPD COMS professional learning courses for this year:

  1. Understanding Charge Syndrome (free online course from:,

and two short courses from the RIDBC Renwick Centre program 2020:

  1. O&M Masterclass Series 2020 starting on 23 March 2020 ( $250 one price for all five webinars). Webinar series on technology for orientation and mobility, intended to provide the Orientation and Mobility Specialist (OMS) with resources for working with an array of age groups across the life span. This is held periodically over the year starting in March. More information available at O&M Masterclass Series 2020
  2. Karen Wolffe Workshop, 19-20 March 2020. Two days workshop with Karen Wolffe ($300 for full registration and $250 for remote access). More information available at Social Skill Development: Physical and Mental Well-Being for Life. What’s Not to Like about Being Engaged with Others?    


Here are some other O&M/vision specific online professional development opportunities:


There is also a range of Australian focused disability related learning opportunities. These will not provide ACVREP credits, but may have relevance to your professional practice.


The Professional Development Committee would like to encourage you to pursue professional activities in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Obtain information on current trends
  • Explore new technologies
  • Develop balanced professional judgment and enhance critical skills
  • Acquire knowledge in specific focus areas

The OMAA PDC committee would like to know about your interest in continuing professional development topics and event participation.

Please email us if you would like a specific event/course to be considered as the CPD event.

Please note that the committee require a minimum of three event participants to allow the event to be COMS credit registered.

Please share this information and promote the approved for COMS recertification professional development opportunities with your colleagues and people in your work places.

Professional Development Committee,

Ewa, Kelly, Nicola, Darren, Paul

Ewa Borkowski COMS, ROMSA

OMAA Professional Development Officer



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