Meet the Team

OMAA Council


Executive Committee

President: Dr Julia Budd,

Photo of Dr Julia Budd
Photo of Dr Julia Budd

Immediate Past President: Jeremy Hill,

Photo of Jeremy Hill
Photo of Jeremy Hill

Vice President: Nicola McDowell,

Photo of Nicola McDowell

Treasurer: Karen Carrigan,

Secretary: Shiree Arrian,

Photo of Shiree Arrian

Professional Standards Committee Chair: Lil Deverell,

Photo of Lil Deverell

Professional Development Committee Chair: Ewa Borkowski,

Photo of Ewa Borkowski

Communications Committee Chair: Amy Barrett-Lennard,

Photo of Amy Barrett-Lennard


Regional Representatives

New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory: Rebecca Dunkley,

Photo of Rebecca Dunkley
Photo of Rebecca Dunkley

New Zealand: Carina Duke,

New Zealand: Nicola McDowell,

Queensland: Kerri Weaver,

Photo of Kerry Weaver
Photo of Kerri Weaver

Queensland Deputy: Johanna Sellers

South Australia / Northern Territory: vacant

Tasmania: Maree Ingram,

Tasmania Deputy: Jodi Prentice

Victoria: Michelle Sharples,

Photo of Michelle Sharples
Photo of Michelle Sharples

Victoria Deputies: Alicia San Martin, Marnie Roth, Darren Moyle

Photo of Alicia San Martin


Western Australia: Amy Barrett-Lennard,

WA Deputy: Paul Garwood

Photo of Paul Garwood
Photo of Paul Garwood


What’s involved in being a regional representative?  Read the Job description of OMAA Regional Representative