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Please refer to the fact sheet below for further details on Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists (COMS) and Applying for COMS:

FAQ 02. Applying for COMS v2.1

COMS Handbook for international certification of O&M Specialists

What is COMS?

The COMS program provides an international benchmark for the academic standards, body
of knowledge, and workplace experience required for entry-level O&M Specialists, as well as
professional development requirements to recertify every five years. There are many
pathways to becoming an O&M Specialist, with more than 20 professional training programs
available in Australia and New Zealand from 1971-2020. These programs have
all now been evaluated against the COMS standards and found comprehensive.

What is ROMSA?

ROMSA stands for Registered Orientation & Mobility specialist. An OMAA Registered O&M specialist has:

  • completed comprehensive O&M qualifications;
  • demonstrated professional competence in the workplace; and
  • passed the international exam for Certified O&M Specialists (COMS).

then stays up to date with developments in the field by:

  • maintaining OMAA membership; and
  • undertaking professional development activities (100 points) towards recertification every five years.

Click here for more information on ROMSA. Click here for more information on the recertification process.

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