OMAA News 28/06/2016; MeMyselfEye website; Accessible Lego

OMAA news

Me Myself Eye is an important new educational resource, designed by VisAbility to give people an insight into what life is like for children living with vision impairment and blindness.

This is an interactive website that puts empathy at its heart. It encourages us to step into the shoes of these children and their families. It allows us start to understand on a deeper, more emotional level, what it actually means to live with childhood vision impairment.

It involves a wide range of games, books, videos and activities for students, teachers and parents. It uses storytelling to connect people with the experiences of these children, and it does so to promote their inclusion, independence and participation in everyday life.


Matthew Shifrin, a high school student who is blind, together with his sighted friend, has invented a system which enables people with vision impairment to build LEGO sets independently. By writing out text-based instructions in sequence, they make building elaborate sets with LEGO accessible for screen reader users.  They have created accessible instructions for 20 sets of LEGO so far (set numbers available on website, as well as two free samples of instructions). Matthew notes that building with LEGO is a great way to improve spatial awareness and spatial reasoning.