PD Committee Survey 2020

2020 OMAA PDC Survey Report

The inaugural Professional Development Committee (PDC) Annual Survey provided
some insights from the OMAA membership (26 members) on how the PDC is
perceived, areas for improvement and the membership’s priorities for professional
development in 2021.
The PDC really appreciated the feedback and are using it to inform our action plans
for this year. The PDC will be prioritizing actions that:
– Improve communication
– Provide education on the function of the PDC
– Give access to low cost professional development opportunities

The survey has also supported the PDC to prioritise the following topics for
professional development in 2021:

  • Applying and teaching new technologies in O&M practice
  • Staying current with the latest methods of practice, especially in children O&M
    (e.g. practicing role release model)
  • Working with clients with additional complexities (e.g. deafblind and mental
  • Applying telepractice into O&M (including managing risk for this mode of
  • Working in CVI/Neuro area of practice
  • Presentation Skills

The PDC hope to see a sizeable increase in response rates with the 2021 survey,
which will be an indicator we have made improvements with our communication.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions

Ewa, Paula, Ange, Nicola & Kelly (PDC)