Find a Registered O&M Specialist

What is an OMAA Registered O&M Specialist?

An OMAA Registered O&M specialist has:

  • completed comprehensive O&M qualifications;
  • demonstrated professional competence in the workplace; and
  • passed the international exam for Certified O&M Specialists (COMS).

then stays up to date with developments in the field by:

  • maintaining OMAA membership; and
  • undertaking professional development activities (100 points) towards recertification every five years.

Search the Register

  • View all service providers in alphabetical order by surname by clicking on the tab ‘All Service Providers’ OR
  • Click on the ‘Search’ tab, then:
    a) select first letter of surname, and/or
    b) select one or more Areas of Professional Interest, and/or
    c) select one or more Geographical Areas, and/or
    d) enter either a first name or surname in the search box.Then press the blue arrow, to find service providers who meet those criteria.