What is OMAA?

The Orientation and Mobility Association of Australasia – OMAA – is the formal professional body for Orientation and Mobility Specialists in Australia, New Zealand and across all the island nations of the South Pacific region.

Our aims are to maintain appropriate standards of practice and training, to provide professional development through peer meetings and more formal seminars and conferences, to promote O&M as a profession, to provide representation for Orientation and Mobility professionals on professional issues, and to publish information about and for the profession. The OMAA Constitution is available through the link at the bottom of this page.

OMAA supports its members through:

– Networking meetings wherever members choose to gather, for face-to-face professional support and discussion.

-A members only blog, with weekly updates from around the globe, and quarterly newsletters from our region with articles ranging from current professional practice issues, new mobility aids, conferences and member activities. Older issues are viewable by all on the members blog page.

– This website, www.omaaustralasia.com, which contains links and resources specific to our region.

– Representation of the O&M profession to students, community and government groups regarding issues affecting orientation and mobility services and consumers.

– Professional development opportunities.

– Providing a forum for participation in the growth of the O&M profession in our region.

Australasia is divided into seven regions, each of which has at least one Regional Representative, liaising with the OMAA Executive on issues particular to their area, sourcing and submitting material for the website, and checking State-specific information on this website for accuracy.